IOTA developers released WordPress plugin to facilitate IOTA payments

IOTA crypto coin’s developer released their free plugin at WordPress platform. This WordPress plugin by IOTA will fascilite every wordpress website to accept crypto payments without any tedious programming mechanism.

Enhancement of crypto payment facilities by crypto service providers became common in these days because many giant payment services are entering the crypto field, for example MasterCard, Visa and even many large banks. Now here IOTA developers entered in this list in different ways to facilitate crypto payments in IOTA for all WordPress based blogs.

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The IOTA wordpress plug-in is released and is confirmed by the IOTA community member Alexander (@shortkatien). He shared this information on twitter with his followers.

Through the tweet he said that it is easy & quick to use. Just we have to search in the WordPress plug-in library and install. This is basically based on the php script which is compatible with every website with small effort of programming but very easy for bloggers without any programming within few clicks.

This plugin will not only give facility to accept payment but also can be integrated in the e-commerce based websites & blogs easily.

It is worth noting that many worldwide teams are working on creating a platform on IOTA for retail payments & even banks are planning for the same.

Through his tweet he indicated that they will now work on Ledger wallet. 

The developers of the IOTA team also hinted that they will work on other mainstream CMS environments, Joomla and Drupal to facilitate IOTA payments more easily in every network.

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