Iran’s Ministry dismissed the Tavanir’s statement on illegal crypto mining

Iran’s Ministry of Industry, Mine and Trade dismissed the claim of Tavanir that illegal crypto mining operations are responsible for electricity shortage in Iran.

Recently, Iranian government resumed crypto mining operations in Iran. Earlier Iranian government Ordered to seize all kinds of crypto mining operations in Iran to save electricity for summer season. 

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Recently, Tavanir claimed that there are huge numbers of crypto mining operations going on in Iran. Those illegal crypto mining activities are responsible for the 2,000 MW electricity consumption and that is a big cause of electricity shortage.

A Spokesperson of Tavanir said 

“Unauthorized miners are the main culprits behind the power outages in recent months. We would have had 80% less blackouts if miners had halted their activities.”

Here it was a type of allegation on the government authorities to not to bust illegal mining operations in Iran, which are not licensed.

But according to the report of the Financial Tribune, the ministry’s director of investment and planning, Alireza Hadi said that the figures claimed by the Tavanir are not right. And the huge consumption of electricity is not because of mining operations. 

According to Hadi, to consume 2,000 MW of electricity , there is a need for 3 million pieces of hardware. 

It seems that Tavanir is really in trouble because of their huge loss because of illegal and unlicensed mining operations. Tavanir claimed that because of the 5,000 mining firms seizure and encounter of 213,000 mining hardware helped them to save 850 MW electricity.

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