Is it better to trade & invest in altcoins for long term over Bitcoin?


Trading Bitcoin is beneficial in many ways, instead, trades with other cryptocurrencies.

At present, there are more than 20,000 crypto assets in the crypto market and every crypto asset is unique with its use concept. The old crypto Investors know very well that investment in altcoins (digital assets except for Bitcoin) is very risky but newcomers are still confused in the domain phase with opportunities.

 Trade altcoins tends to gambling 

When a new person enters the crypto industry then he thinks that he lost the opportunity to invest in Bitcoin and that forces him indirectly to go with low-priced crypto assets to make fast money, but the market doesn’t work like this. 

A better crypto trader will never suggest any person trade with altcoins, instead will suggest investing in Bitcoin & Ethereum for day trade as well as for long-term holdings. It is because trading in altcoins is just like taking risks with the initial investment. 

Almost every altcoin bears a natural significant dump factor, which is not the case with Bitcoin. However bitcoin may dump significantly but usually, it recovers fastly over other crypto assets, so here it always remains safe to go with Bitcoin & Ethereum instead of shit coins. 

Bitcoin is heaven 

On one hand, we can trust Bitcoin as a yellow metal investment and on the other side, we can trust Bitcoin from the point of view of technology. 

At present, the majority of the crypto projects are working on smart contract systems, which may result in a situation where they may face outages because of bugs or traffic load but here Bitcoin is free from all such kinds of attacking situations. 

Here we can take the example of the Terra project, which collapsed badly in May of this year, where more than $45 billion worth of funds collapsed.

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