Israeli old Lady made $3K Bitcoin Investment to $320K

A 69 years old lady from Israel made $320k with an investment of $3k. But now Banks are refusing to deposit the funds. 

Since the birth of Bitcoin, it has reached an all-time high every year, and also every year it has made many people wealthy, who have adopted it in their portfolio. 

In the latest, a matter is coming from Israel. Esther Freeman is an Israeli citizen and she is 69 years old. In 2013, she invested around ILS 10,000 in Bitcoin. ILS 10,000 was around 3k dollars at that time. 

As we know the price of Bitcoin has surged by many folds, so the present value of all Bitcoin worth that lady is holding is around 320k dollars.

However, she is a pensioner but still in the early time of 2013, many relatives suggested investing in Bitcoin. 

“I listened to my son and nephews, to the young guys, and said that an attempt would be made. Without any knowledge on the subject, in the real innocence of an ordinary citizen. I never thought that NIS 10,000 would become almost NIS 1 million.”

However, this lady made a huge profit with her fair use of money investment and the simple strategy of Bitcoin holding. But still, she is facing issues with the banks to deposit the funds. 

According to this lady, Bank Hapoalim refused to take deposits of such a big amount of funds from the fiat-crypto exchange. However, this lady made a cash deposit a year ago in that bank.

The lady said that the Bank stated that there are many issues with the Bitcoin funds that she has. That can be associated with illicit activities and also there can be chances of a trace of money laundering or terrorist funding.

“The characteristics of virtual (i.e., digital) currencies allow them to be transferred anonymously and unsupervised, often bypassing the need to use the financial factors that apply to the anti-money laundering and terrorist financing regime*

To fight against the Bank, this lady hired Freeman Shaul Zioni to fight legally against the Bank, so that bank can’t refuse to accept the deposit from the fiat-crypto exchange. 

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