“Jai Ho” song singer will launch his Metaverse platform soon


AR Rehman working with HBAR foundation to launch his “KATRAAR” Metaverse to bring talents to the digital sector.

Allah Rakha Rahman, popularly known as AR Rahman, is a popular Indian composer and singer. He is popularly known for his award-winning song “Jai Ho”.

Recently AR Rahman took to Twitter to inform his followers that he is excited to launch his Metaverse platform “KATRAAR”. 

In the tweet, he also attached a video in which he explained about this upcoming digital platform, which will be based on blockchain technology. 

Through the video clip, Rahaman said that he aimed to bring huge numbers of artists on the digital platform and also wants to bring a better revenue system for the artists via the integration of Web3 & NFTs.

For this Metaverse project, Rahaman is in partnership with HBAR Foundation, a non-profit organisation behind the Hedera Hashgraph Crypto project. 

Rahman said:

“Right now we are working with the HBAR Foundation to do many cool things, one is bringing a lot of NFTs.”

NFTs & Crypto Adoption

In the last 3 years of time frame, it has been seen that the NFTs concept in the Crypto sector worked as a catalyst to boost crypto adoption in the world. 

Because of the concept of NFTs, many artists from multiple sectors like music, photography, and sports jumped into the Crypto sector to sell their unique art in the form of NFTs collectibles. 

Also, many popular personalities jumped into this sector to sell their unique pics or clothes. 

From India, the most popular NFTs collectibles came from popular Indian actress & ex-P*rn star Sunny Leone. The most respectable Indian actor Amitabh Bachchan also sold many unique posters of his past movies but failed to grab better popularity.

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