$Jugs meme coin scam exposed by crypto detective ZachXBT 


Crypto investigators exposed the latest new crypto meme coin scam “Jugs”.

In the crypto sector, it is not easy to make big profits with Bitcoin or Ethereum trading daily, so some wise crypto Investors also try to invest in new meme coins to make huge profits with small investments in a small time frame and bad actors take advantage of such greedy behaviour of crypto Investors via fake crypto token . 

On 3 May 2023, A popular crypto detective Zachxbt reported that the $Jugs meme coin project team scammed its Investors. 

Reportedly, the Jugs coin team raised huge amounts of funds through the pre-sale of the token and then transferred the funds to the ChangeNow Defi crypto exchange. 

ZachXBT noted that a Crypto Twitter user @BitcoinBaddiez was promoting this coin but now all those tweets have been deleted by that account user. 

In the investigation, @BitcoinBaddiez admitted that her account was used to promote the $Jugs coin but claimed that all the token buyers had been refunded for their loss. 

Strangely the deployer of this meme coin turned out to be a whistleblower and sent an on-chain message to ZachXBT about the whole scam game by the whole project team. Meme coin deployer said that the whole team is lying & influencers want to rug. 

A Crypto Twitter user shared his pain. He said that he purchased $13,000 worth of Jug’s coins and now his investment worth is nearly $0.37. 

Such types of scam activities are a lesson to new & pro-crypto Investors to remain away from those crypto projects which are not backed by any trusted name in the crypto sector.

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