Korean telecom company will launch blockchain-based e-doc platform

A telecommunication company of South Korea is planning to bring a new project. The aim of the new project is to make e-documents problems easy to solve and lower the carbon footprint level.

KT Corp is a leading South Korean telecommunication company. They are ready to dive into blockchain technology again with their new project of E-documents. 

KT Corp shared this information about their upcoming project through a press release. According to the press release, they will work on this new project under the partnership with another 14 companies which will help them to create this project perfectly. And also one of the companies is known for their aim to reduce carbon emission.

This project of KT Corp, E-document Digital Transformation (DX), will help users to put their documents with the existing platform of the company. And also they are aiming to reduce the carbon footprint level by 129.6. And the aim of the new project is to convert 4.5 billion paper documents into e-documents per year.

Paperless KT Corp’s project will offer mainly three types of the services for their users. Which include drawing up a contract, registration of the document, and electronic storage. In addition of this they will also provide various services which are needed in E-documents.

In march 2021, the company launched Paperless KT and claimed that people can use their blockchain technology based service to save documents with more security.

Yoon Dong-Sik, Spokesperson of KT Corp official, said that 

“We expect KT Paperless Service to reduce corporate document management and costs so that it will improve the business process as well”

KT Corp established a portal for users to save the documents through paperless mode. That doesn’t require any kind of software or app.

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