Kraken Bans dYdX Trading Canada From

Kraken announced  ban of dYdX token trading for United States, Canada, Japan and Australia users. With unclear reasons. 

In the present time, dYdX token is getting huge lights because of its airdrop and ban of trading in few residents. Experts are only just considering the actual reason  behind this suspension is scrutiny issues, that may arise.

As dYdX token airdrop is started, where dYdX smart contract platform will distribute $10,000 worth of dYdX tokens but here dYdX itself decided to ban trading of dYdX for USA residents in advance. While Kraken exchange decided to restrict the trading for Australia and Japan. 

Kraken announced through email, about the unavailability of dYdX token trading and stated 

“DYDX trading is not available for residents of the United States, Canada, Japan and Australia at this time”

Trading of this token on Kraken will start on 14 September. 

This token is getting huge light from the community and it is getting welcome from the crypto platforms. Binance and OKex exchange listed it without getting late. 

This pressure on these platform arise because of the immediate listing of this token by Uniswap & Shushiswap like the popular Defi exchange. 

United States’s biggest crypto exchange Coinbase still has not announced about it to list at their exchange. But most of the people say that Coinbase will list soon, but one thing is still a big problem, that is legality issues. 

If the DyDx team is genuine with its development works then surely they should force these exchanges to enable trading for all residents, but here banning few residents sounds dYdX tram is not confident with their project against the regulators of USA, Australia residents. 

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