KyberSwap team decides not to settle with the exploiter


According to some experts, the KyberSwap team may release the control in the hand of the KyberSwap exploiter but the KyberSwap team made a strange move. 

KyberSwap is an averagely popular decentralised crypto exchange. 10 days ago, the KyberSwap platform was exploited by an unknown hacker. That hacker stole nearly $49 million worth of crypto assets and at the same time, he confirmed that he would negotiate with the KyberSwap team. At the time people were expecting that the hacker would return almost all the funds but strangely, something unexpected happened. 

On 30 Nov, That hacker sent a chain message and offered a very strange negotiation plan. 

He said that he wants 100% control of the KyberSwap platform, from all kinds of funds ownership to government control. 

He said that he would give double the salary to the employees and also warned that if the KyberSwap leadership did not accept his offer then the KyberSwap platform would collapse forever. 

On 1 Dec, Ripple CTO David Schwartz also responded to this strange negotiation and indirectly hinted that the situation was in favour of the hacker.

To settle with this negotiation offer, the KyberSwap team has time till 10 Dec 2023. 

On 2 Dec, The KyberSwap team announced that they planned to extend the KyberSwap Treasury grant to each user to compensate the KyberSwap users who faced loss in this incident.

The KyberSwap team will release its step-by-step plan in this matter in the next two weeks and it will be a great decision by this crypto project team.

The trade price of Kyber network crystal (KNC) is struggling badly amid this bad situation of the KyberSwap exchange.

KyberSwap team decides not to settle with the exploiter 1

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