Laws against violence, sexual crime in Metaverse: South Korea


Korean regulators decided to take a structural decision against the crimes surging in Metaverse. 

Metaverse is a virtual reality-based platform, where people can feel and see the world in the virtual world just like the real world. This concept is getting more traction after the decision of Facebook to rebrand its name into Meta. The majority of the tech companies are showing huge interest in Metaverse. Even Microsoft, Samsung, Disney like companies are in this Era of new trends. 

Recently, many news media reported about the cases of sexual abuse and sexual harassment in the Metaverse with South Korean minors. Media reports noted that Metaverse is going to be worse than cyberbullying activities of simple Social media platforms. 

A counsel under the South Korea Communications Commission held a meeting to discuss this matter so that they can bring better laws and rules to fight against such kinds of crimes in Metaverse-based platforms more strictly. 

This council consists of more than 30 members, which have expertise in media, law, technology, and industrial management. 

As per new rules, which are usual for every platform/place, no one person/adult is allowed to talk in sexual bullish behavior or any kind of exploitative discussion/conversion with others. Council also noted that such kinds of activities are responsible for minors to go online or offline on such platforms. 

Around a week ago, Kang Sun-woo, a left-leaning lawmaker of South Korea, drafted a bill. Under that bill all online platforms will be responsible for any kind of sexual harassment or cyberbullying on minors at their platforms. That means all the platform/services owners are ordered to work on their platform to keep these things away. This bill also imposes sudden pressure on these online platforms to report to the government agencies about any kind of unfair activities like cyberbullying, sexual harrasment, etc. 

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