Ledger team up with Binance to provide more smooth crypto services


Binance crypto exchange & Ledger crypto wallet jumped into a partnership contract to bring better crypto services for the Ledger wallet users. 

Ledger is a popular hardware crypto wallet, which was initially launched in 2014. Ledger provides a highly secured crypto wallet, where users can easily hold their funds in an offline ecosystem-based mode and also can purchase crypto assets directly on the desktop mode easily. In the 8 year time frame, the company sold more than 5 million Ledger hardware wallets globally. 

On 2 November, the Binance crypto exchange announced via a new blog post that the company established a partnership with Ledger company. 

This partnership will allow the Ledger users to get Binance’ crypto services directly through the Ledger wallet on their desktop mode easily. 

Through these new efforts, Ledger clients will be able to buy more than 80 crypto assets directly with the help of the Binance exchange. 

With the collaborative efforts of these two companies, Ledger clients will get better & smooth services because crypto lovers will be able to buy crypto assets through their direct banks via the use of Cards payments. 

Jean-Francois Rochet, the Vice president of Transactions and Services at Ledger, said that Binance crypto exchange and Ledger are two big leaders in the crypto sector, so this collaboration is going to be a next-level step for crypto investors to use the services from both the platforms at single place. 

This partnership will also allow the Ledger clients to enjoy the crypto withdrawal at low fees because of Binance and also this step by these two companies will bring more innovative services under the concept of Web3, which will further push the adoption of Web3 technology in financial services. 

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