Linear Finance Announces Launch of Linear Vaults

  • Linear Fiance announces the launch of Linear Vaults. As of Wednesday 26/05/2021 10am UTC users will be able to earn a weekly income from the Linear ecosystem.
  • Linear Vault provides an easy-to-use interface and flexible access to users allowing them to earn interest in ℓUSD or BUSD.
  • Users can also earn interest in LINA by contributing liquidity to the ℓUSD/BUSD pool on PancakeSwap V2 by depositing the LP tokens into Linear Vault.

Linear Finance is delighted to announce the launch of Linear Vault, a new way for yield-hungry Linear users to earn passive income in an automated fashion.

Built from the ground up with a bespoke interface users can deposit ℓUSD into the Linear Vault and receive interest in either ℓUSD or BUSD. Staked ℓUSD is locked for one week with interest distributed weekly.

In addition, users also have the option to generate interest in LINA tokens, simply contribute liquidity to the ℓUSD/BUSD pool on PancakeSwap V2, and place the acquired LP tokens into the vault.

If you are interested in interacting with Linear Vaults, please refer to the Linear Vault Guide for instructions.

Linear Finance is devoted to making the Linear ecosystem as far-reaching and diversified as possible to benefit all users. The launch of Linear Vaults further expands their product suite and brings an additional use case of our ℓUSD.

Kevin Tai, CEO at Linear Finance said “ Whilst we have seen an explosion in the market with an exponential increase in prices across the board followed by an expected correction that has shaken many, Linear continues to build and innovate as we expand our ecosystem. At Linear we build from the ground up ensuring when users interact with our ecosystem, they are interacting with a secured, efficient and flexible suite of dApps. With the release of our Vaults, users are now enabled to passively earn as well as actively earn via the Linear Exchange.”

About Linear Finance

Linear Finance is a cross-chain compatible, decentralized delta-one asset protocol that allows users to get synthetic exposure to various assets, including cryptocurrency, commodities, and market indices. Users can utilize our cross-chain swap functionality to instantly swap assets across leading blockchain environments and DeFi protocols with unlimited liquidity and zero slippage.

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