LiveTrades Review 2021


What is LiveTrades? 

LiveTrades is a secure trading platform that offers services like pairing clients, brokers, and traders. Users in this platform can copy veterans’ trading strategies and earn impressive gains. If you’re a newbie to this industry, LiveTrades offers educational packages where you can learn trading and perform trading. 

LiveTrades requires its customers to verify their basic KYC documents before getting started. You can trade multi-assets, including cryptocurrencies, forex, etc. on LiveTrades. The trading organization is located in majestic Reykjavik, Iceland. Also, its representatives are located around the globe as well.

Different Account Types

LiveTrades offers four types of trading accounts: Self-Trading only, Basic Subscriber, Pro Trader, & VIP Trader. Each account has a fair fee structure features. The platform has a learn section that includes guides for beginners and experts in cryptocurrency trading. 

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There is no deposit fee for Self-Trading only, Basic Subscriber, Pro Trader accounts. While the VIP Trader account type will include some amount of fee. The withdrawal fee for self-trading only and the basic subscriber is €25, while it is free for the Pro & VIP trader. The Balance requirement for all the account types is different. 

Opening an account in LiveTrades is quite easy and straightforward. There is an option on the homepage to open an account. All you have to do is fill in a form with details like your first name, last name, email, password, and mobile number. Once the account is open you need to complete the KYC verification process. 

Trading Products

LiveTrades offers to trade multiple assets such as cryptocurrencies, forex trading, altcoins, etc. Multiple trading accounts are discouraged as they do not serve any purpose that cannot be accomplished with one master client account connected to multiple strategies.

Trading Platforms

LiveTrades allows the trading of digital assets on all trading platforms available by mobile browser. Self-trading accounts are also available using the MetaTrader mobile app on iPhone and Android devices. For trading on the browser, you need not download the software as you can access your account 24×7 on the web browser.

You can open trades at any moment for crypto as it is available 365 days a year, 24 hours a day. However, trading is conducted  Monday through Friday when market volatility deems it worth opening new trades. Based on the strategy and market liquidity, a trade can be open for a few minutes or can continue for several days. You can use both human and computerized trading strategies.

Payment Methods

LiveTrades offers a wide range of payment methods that include Bank Wire Transfer, Credit Card, Debit Card, WireX Gateway, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin, Monero, Ripple, & Tether. The minimum account funding level is €1000 for the basic subscriber account type.

 How is LiveTrades Unique to other platforms? 

LiveTrades is unique in terms of General product, trade execution, learning guides, and what can be traded on the platform. Real traders and real systems you choose from will deliver verified returns with a fair fee structure. Trade execution involves Direct API liquidity to several top-tier regulated brokers. You can trade 100+ Trading Instruments across various global markets. The knowledge base materials include a full trading education library of videos and articles from our trading teams.

Customer Support

The customer support team of the LiveTrades platform is available at service 24/7.  serving clients with the best trading experience available anywhere. The Icelandic team looks forward to assisting you. Emails are typically answered in under one hour.

Features & Services

Copy Live Traders Feature

With this feature, you can copy the strategies of the best traders in the market. At LiveTrades, you need not require any trading experience. The Auto-Trading facility of the platform lets your account trade with no action required from you. The platform does not require any kind of management, deposit, withdrawal, or upfront fees.

Transparent & Reliable

With transparency, the platform aims to build trust among its traders. The broker has an advanced liquidity partner system that provides the most reliable trading data in the industry. Furthermore, all the systems are encrypted with military-level AES 256 encryption at regulated institutions. 

To ensure better financial transaction security, LiveTrades does not directly handle its client’s funds. Instead, the broker is partnered with global banks to ensure transaction safety. As per the broker, all deposits and withdrawals are connected through licensed banks and electronic institutions. 

Educational Packages

An educational package is available on the platform that offers courses for everyone ranging from beginners to advanced. There is a crypto guide as well that helps newbie traders to explore more about trading. 

24/7 customer support

The staff at LiveTrades offers 24/7 support. The email queries are usually replied to within an hour. Phone support is not live all the time, it is available from Monday to Friday. The platform has also planned to integrate a WhatsApp Support feature that will be incorporated shortly. 


Q). Does LiveTrades offer a referral program? 

A). Yes, the platform offers a very lucrative affiliate program that has several incentives. You can explore more here:

Q). Are there any taxes incorporated on transactions? 

A). According to Iceland law, clients are responsible for tax reporting to their local tax agencies. However, any account details will not be transmitted to tax collectors without an Icelandic court order.

Q). Is it possible to have more than one trading account?

A). Multiple trading accounts are discouraged and do not serve any purpose that cannot be accomplished with one master client account connected to multiple strategies.

Q). What are the contact details of the platform? 

A). You can find the information below: 


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