Loopering protocol’s X (Twitter) account hacks: Crypto Hacking Alert 


Reportedly the official X account of the Loopering protocol team was hacked. 

Loopering is the first ZK technology-based layer 2 scaling solution that aims to improve the speed and costs of blockchain transactions. Hypothetically this blockchain network can process 1000x the speed of Ethereum with scalability up to 2000 TPS. In late 2021, Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin proposed EIP-4488 and in the proposal he mentioned the Loopering protocol. At the time, following that recognition by the top crypto entrepreneur, the trade price of Loopering coin (LRC) surged rapidly. 

On 20 Nov 2023, The official X (formerly Twitter) account of Loopering protocol was hacked by an unknown hacker(s). 

The hacker attached a LRC token airdrop link. 

With the help of attached link, the hackers invites people to collect free LRC tokens through the airdrop program which is totally fake.

Loopering protocol’s X (Twitter) account hacks: Crypto Hacking Alert  1
Source: Twitter

Crypto security platform PeckShield alert was the first to detect this suspicious activity and also warned people to remain away from the attached link.

The current trade price of the LRC token is $0.224 & this trade price remained unfazed following this hack news. However this incident is in the initial phase, so it will take time for the LRC token investors to react.

Hacking attacks on the Crypto Inclination X accounts are common nowadays. According to a report by crypto detective ZachXBT, this year hackers targeted Crypto & Bitcoin supporter influencers & celebrities’ X accounts. And with those hacking attacks, they easily secured nearly $1 million worth of Cryptocurrencies.

Previously we reported that hackers easily hacked the X account of TheSandbox’s Co-founder Arthur Madrid and were trying to drag innocent people under the fake airdrop token program. 

But TheSandbox team reacted quickly to save people from that hacking incident.

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