Luna co-creator Kwon was operating a company in Serbia: Report


Reportedly Do Kwon established a consultancy service company in Serbia.

Do Kwon is co-founder of Terraform labs, an engineering team behind Terra blockchain. TerraUSD & Luna were two tokens on the Terra blockchain, both of these two tokens collapsed badly in May 2022 under a high-sell pressure situation. In short, the business model of this crypto project was weak. On 23, March 2023, Kwon had been arrested in Serbia with fake I’d documents on behalf of a tip from South Korean enforcement agencies.

On 27 March 2023, DLNews reported that Terra’s co-founder is the owner of a company “Codokoj22 d.o.o. Beograd”. He opened this company in Oct 2022 for only 100 Serbian dinars ($0.92).

Kwon is the full owner of this company but Han Chang-Joon, the former CEO of Chai Corporation, was appointed as a co-director of this company. The main business of this company is to provide consultancy services. At present time, both of these two guys are under the custody of Serbian enforcement agencies and they may face jail punishment for up to 3 years, for carrying fake I’d documents.

The report noted that Kwon’ & Han used their corresponding South Korean password to register this company and reportedly This business is active in Serbia.

Luna co-creator Kwon was operating a company in Serbia: Report 1

Media reports & third-party Investigations alleged that Kwon approached a Serbian law firm, Gecic Law, to represent himself. In response, Ognjen Colic, a partner at Gecic Law, reportedly said that his law firm always performs security checks for all clients, including on the Interpol website also but he (Kwon) is not was not on there ­— you can check it yourself now.”

The team also reached out to the Interpol website to find out a red alert notice or detail about Kwon but there is no information or notice available.

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