MailChimp suspends its services for crypto-linked businesses: Report


Reportedly MailChimp is stopping its services for those websites & blogs, which are associated with crypto businesses.

Mailchimp is an online marketing automation platform and email marketing service for managing mailing lists and creating email marketing campaigns. This helps any online business to keep the contact email data of customers, to maintain one-side communication by the business to customers. 

Since last week, many crypto-linked businesses have reported their issues associated with MailChimp services. The majority of them said that email marketing service platforms suspended their accounts without any prior notice or warning.

On 11 August, Messari, a platform that promotes transparency in the digital assets market by creating an open-source data library for the corresponding businesses, reported on Twitter that more than 48 hours has been gone but still no response came from MailChimp regarding the ban of Mailchimp services for their platform.

On 9 August, Another platform Decrypt, a crypto news website, also reported that their MailChimp newsletter account has been suspended without any prior notice.

Earlier this, on 5 August, the founder of Crypto on Goons, an NFT collection, Jesse Friesland, talked about this issue on Twitter and confirmed that Mailchimp is restricting all the users, which promotes digital assets or any kind of virtual currencies.

Many people said that Mailchimp is wrong with this decision. Even though any company has full rights to change privacy policies & terms & conditions, but sudden action without any prior notice is just like disturbing the online crypto businesses’ activities.

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