Many Crypto X (Twitter) users mistakenly believe Gary Gensler announced his resignation from the SEC


Following a new X thread by Gary Gensler, many crypto X users believed that Gensler announced his departure from the SEC body. 

Gary Gensler has been the chairman of the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) since Q1 2021. Under his leadership, the SEC body took several regulatory actions against the top regulated crypto exchanges, along with suspicious crypto companies. The majority of the crypto entrepreneurs & executives of the crypto firms hate Gensler over his blind leadership which badly degraded the confidence of crypto investors in the US jurisdiction. 

On 18 April 2024, Gary Gensler tweeted about his leadership at the SEC agency but his tweet style was like he just decided to resign from the SEC body. 

Gensler praised the role of the SEC body against those companies which violated securities laws. He said that the SEC body is not done and is ready to take more actions against bad actors. 

The response comments by the Crypto X users can be seen clearly that everyone was expecting his departure announcement but unfortunately, they faced disappointment when they saw the full thread.

Well-known crypto X user Greg created a well-known meme to show how people suddenly faced disappointment. 

It is worth it to note that no one has the authority to force Gensler to resign from his role, even the president of America has no authority.

Experts believe that Gensler will start to show some positive attitude toward cryptocurrencies when Congress introduces crypto-dedicated rules & laws. And it will be possible when the president of America changes his stance on this sector & supports Crypto adoption under a precise set of rules & laws. 

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