Mark Zuckerberg: Facebook’s Libra Has no Launch Date Yet


As confirmed by Mark Zuckerberg Facebook is taking a much more careful approach for its Libra Currency.

According to an interview with an Asian-based news outlet Nikkei on 26th of September Zuckerberg displayed the fear in regards on scrutiny of Libra.

Since the release of its whitepaper several months ago Facebooks Digital currency has come under fire from many of the governments worldwide. According to high profile regulators and governments worldwide the introduction of Libra will undermine the current fiat system.

As per Zuckerberg he thinks of a society in which people could freely talk, consult with other people and get feedback and work on that issues before they come out with the final roll out of the there currency.

With this he added:

“And that’s a very different approach than what we might have taken five years ago. But I think it’s the right way for us to do this at the scale that we operate in.”

Observing the actions of Facebook regarding the release of its new Currency Coinbase termed it as a “odd and misguided”.

As per Coinbase, Facebook’s Idea in solving aspects of Libra critics is not acceptable after seeing the aspects of other fiat alternatives like Bitcoin (BTC) which was simply released via a code on the Blockchain network and was allowed to grow organically.

To this Coinbase CEO Brain Armstrong tweeted:

“Libra counts to be an important crypto project which has a potential in improving the world but still he finds it to be a bit odd and misguided”.

So seeing at the final conclusion the Libra Currency could appear in the market by the end of 2020 however Zuckerberg is still not promising to commit a timeframe for the release. 

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