MetaMask will provide better privacy & control of funds with this new update


ConsenSys released V6 of the Crypto web3 wallet MetaMask and aimed to provide a better level of support for the customers to handle the crypto assets under full privacy.

MetaMask is a popular decentralised non-custodial wallet and ConsenSys is the engineering team behind this wallet. ConsenSys aimed to make this crypto wallet a leading choice among Crypto traders amid the increasingly centralised nature of the Defi protocols. 

On 14 March 2023, the MetaMask team released a new version of this wallet and confirmed that the new version includes many improvements like less load time, better improvement, and minimum bugs. 

The most improved thing in this new version is the choice for the MetaMask users to choose an RPC node. 

Before this update, a new MetaMask user was using ConsenSys-owned Infura RPC node by default. MetaMask users were able to change that default choice but by default user data was transferring to ConsenSys automatically. ConsenSys was using data to enhance user experience in its crypto Web3 wallet but many people in the crypto space criticised ConsenSys over this type of default RPC node selection, on behalf of the report from Ethereum node operator Chase Wright.

Now in V6, New MetaMask users can easily choose a different RPC node than the default Infura node.

MetaMask token 

In 2022, ConsenSys executive confirmed that they are willing to introduce a native crypto token in the MetaMask wallet but they will do via an airdrop plan and also new token will be based upon a real use case, unlike token issued by the crypto exchanges.

A few bad actors took advantage of such news & minted fake MetaMask tokens on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) network to trick innocent crypto Investors into easily falling into this fake token trap.

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