Miami Mayor says Bitcoin is going to appreciate over time

Re-elected Miami Mayor said that Bitcoin is the best asset to invest and taking a partial salary in Bitcoin is only his personal choice. 

A few months back,  Francis Suarez- Mayor of Miami city- announced to accept his salary payment in Bitcoin. And after that few other Mayors of US cities followed the footsteps of Suarez. However, at that time, it was all about attracting all the crypto community to get more votes. But the current point of view of the Miami Mayor is indicating that he is no more on Bitcoin in terms of political point of view. 

In an interview with Real Vision, Saurez said that he wants to save his partial salary in the retirement funds, on his own choice. 

He added: 

“I just think it is a good asset to be invested in. I think it’s going to appreciate over time. It’s one that I believe in

Saurez noted that the success of Bitcoin exists within the community’s confidence, which is fully based on open source and free from manipulation. 

Mayor said that he started to receive his salary in Bitcoin. And for this, they are taking the help of the third-party platform strike app. 

Further, the Mayor suggested that the Government should accept fee payment in Bitcoins and also shared a proposal to give options to allow people to invest in Bitcoin for their retirement saving funds. For this, Saurez is certain to bring such systems in 2022. 

Miami Coin and Yield distribution

In better support of the Bitcoin adoption, Saurez announced that they will distribute yield rewards to the residents of Miami. 

The yield reward is related to the Miami coin, launched by the Citycoins to fund the municipal projects by generating yield. 

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