Michael Saylor says no one’s opinion will matter for Bitcoin after 10 years


The Microstrategy former CEO explained how Bitcoin is going toward another level of progress and no one will be able to control the trade price of Bitcoin.

Microstrategy is a Nasdaq-listed business intelligence firm which is popular in the world for its Bitcoin balance sheet which holds 193,000 BTC. In Aug 2020, Microstrategy started adding Bitcoin to the company’s balance sheet, under the leadership of Michael Saylor. In Aug 2022, Saylor stepped down from the CEO role and decided to use his full time for Bitcoin-related financial decisions. 

On 2 March 2024, Michael Saylor shared his opinion on Bitcoin for the next 10 years.

Saylor said that we are in the Gold rush era of Bitcoin and after the next 10 years, 99% of all Bitcoin will have been mined. Another 1% of Bitcoin will be mined in the next 100 years.

According to Saylor, after 2034 we will be in that phase of Bitcoin where opinions or statements of any individual/regulator/government will not matter for Bitcoin. 

Indirectly Saylor said that the next 10 years will bring new rules & laws for Bitcoin but after that, Bitcoin will perform outside every kind of restriction or market trend. 

Because of the sudden pump in the trade price of Bitcoin, the majority of the mainstream media reports are talking about Bitcoin.

Popular Bitcoin critic & Gold supporter Peter Schiff alleged that CNBC media ditched Gold amid the Bitcoin bull run.

Bitcoin price action

The current trade price of Bitcoin (BTC) is $61,830 & this trade price is 57% higher over the last 3 months. In the last 7 days, trade rates surged 21%. 

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