Microsoft bans crypto mining without approval


Now the new policy from Microsoft may impact the majority of the crypto miners, who are dependent on Microsoft’s ecosystem.

Microsoft Corporation is an American international technology corporation. This company produces computer software, consumer electronics, and personal computers. This company was founded 47 years ago. Majority of the professional Computers run on the software “Windows” built by this company. 

Just recently, Microsoft updated its policy and announced that no one, who uses Microsoft’s services directly or indirectly, can perform their crypto mining activities. 

For the same, users will require approval from this company through a written request.

This new policy came into effect on 1 December 2022 and will be apply significantly to Azure’s cloud services. 

“Neither Customer nor those that access an Online Service through Customer may use an Online Service … to mine cryptocurrency without Microsoft’s prior written approval.”

This new policy is much similar to Google, which banned crypto mining activities on its cloud services without approval. And also earlier, Amazon Web services banned crypto mining activities for the free tier services for the users. 

Crypto Mining & problems

In the present time, Microsoft, Google & Amazon are giant companies in the field of cloud computing services. And also they provide the safest cloud services for users at affordable costs. 

Many people face problems with their personal setup to run crypto mining activities, which may be a part of professional activity or simple testing of a crypto network. Crypto mining activities require better quality & high potential PCs but the majority of the Crypto devs prefer to use online cloud services because that remains very easy without getting high-cost PCs. 

In short, such activities are creating a type of huge pressure on the computational power of these cloud services. So here, these new policies will surely bring a better revenue system and also will eliminate the unnecessary pressure from their services.

Beside these things, there may be legal issues. For example these companies doesn’t want directly support anonymous crypto networks’ activities through their legalised services. 

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