Microsoft reveals hackers targeting crypto industry


The software giant Microsoft team noted that hackers are targeting the crypto community via a new strategy to trick innocent & intelligent guys easily.

Crypto adoption is surging continuously across the world because of the high potential use case of blockchain technology. Notably, the adoption of crypto among developing countries is slow because of the less techy knowledge of people. Bad actors usually take advantage of the lack of knowledge to easily trick innocent crypto investors to make an easy hack & theft attack. 

On 6 December, the Microsoft security team detected a new type of hack attack strategy of the hackers which are targeting even intelligent crypto traders. 

The Microsoft team noted that hackers are sending a malicious .xls extension file with the title “exchange fee comparison”. Usually, a compromised person sends such files to his other close friend and so on. 

Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao also talked about such attacks and noted that it is a very easy method for hackers to trick crypto investors. 

Microsoft noted that such actors are taking advantage of the Telegram crypto channels to reach the target. Usually, they start conversations to gain trust and after that, they send the malicious file to the victim which contains a fee structure with a tabled list of OKX Binance & Huobi VIP fee comparision.xls. 

Binance, a first-ranked crypto company, always remains in leadership to fight against the new challenges in the crypto sector.  In the past, Binance helped many Government agencies to catch the bad actors & uncover illegal crypto fund transactions.  

Earlier this, Binance CEO informed his followers to remain aware of the database leak of more than 487 million WhatsApp users, which was available on sale on Dark web.

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