MicroStrategy CEO says he is bitcoin bull and will never sell holdings

The CEO of software firm Microstrategy showed his full support with bitcoin and said that he will never sell his holdings in any situation. 

MicroStrategy is a software company and this is a publicly listed company. Michael Saylor, CEO of Microstrategy, is bullish on Bitcoin and he is continuously adding Bitcoin to the balance sheet of Microstrategy company. 

On 20 January, Michael Saylor appeared in an interview with Bloomberg TV. Through the interview, Michael confirmed that he is very strong with his decision to go with Bitcoin. 

Right now bitcoin is a at 40% low over its all-time high. And the total holdings of Microstrategy is more than $5 Billion. However, he is in profit but more crashes in Bitcoin may ruin the profit of his company. 

In the interview, Michael said that he is a Bitcoin bull and he will never change his decision to divert the plan of Microstrategy to hold multi-billion dollars worth of Bitcoins on its balance sheet. In this way, he asserted that he is not in favor of cashout Bitcoin into dollars. 

Michael added:

“Never. No. We’re not sellers. We’re only acquiring and holding Bitcoin, right? That’s our strategy.”

MicroStrategy currently holds a total of 124,391 BTC. The total value of all these Bitcoins is approximately $5.2 billion. After the announcement by the Microstrategy firm to get into Bitcoin holdings, its stock price surged by 900%. 

These things are showing that not only small and big investors know about Bitcoin’s potential but also every type of business and company knows very well about Bitcoin. 

Right now, Twitter, Tesla-like companies are also in Bitcoin directly and indirectly. However, Tesla company owner Elon Musk stopped accepting payments in Bitcoin to sell Tesla cars but still, his company holding Bitcoins on its balance sheet. 

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