Microstrategy will launch a Bitcoin lightning network solution in 2023


Popular business intelligence firm Microstrategy continuously adds Bitcoin to its balance sheet & new working on the Bitcoin blockchain network based solutions, in order to push Bitcoin adoption in the world.

Microstrategy is a publicly listed software company, which is popular in the Crypto world as a Bitcoin bull company. To this date, this company holds approximately 132,500 bitcoins on its balance sheet & also the company has no plans to sell these holdings.

On 28 Dec, Michael Saylor, founder & former CEO of Microstrategy, confirmed that the company purchased a total of 2,500 Bitcoin in the last two months of the time frame.
So now the company’s total Bitcoin holding is ~132,500 BTC and the average cost per BTC is approximately $30,397/BTC.

On 29 Dec, Popular Bitcoin news media “Bitcoin Magazine” reported that Microstrategy aimed to launch a “Bitcoin lightning network” solution in 2023 to bring millions of people to lightning network use.

Since last two years, Microstrategy has been accumulating Bitcoin on its balance sheet. So far to this date, the company is in loss of 45% but still, the company is bullish on the Bitcoin buy & hold plan.
Saylor wants to make Microstrategy a multi-million Bitcoin holder company and also pledged not to sell Bitcoin holding instead may plan to introduce in use for self or third-party platform, so that company can generate some additional revenue with these holdings.

Bitcoin Price

At the time of writing this article, the price of Bitcoin is $16,601 and this price is 1.53% down over the last 7 days of trade price.

Microstrategy will launch a Bitcoin lightning network solution in 2023 1

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