millennial millionaires are planning to add more crypto in their portfolio: CNBC

CNBC surveyed the millionaires and found that most of them are eager with the plan to add more crypto to their portfolios.

The Crypto trend is entering almost all types of communities, whether they are millionaires, billionaires, or low wealthy people. A recent survey of CNBC confirmed that the majority of the millionaires have crypto assets in their portfolio and also they are willing to add more assets in the future. 

CNBC conducted his crypto survey 2021 experiment on those wealthy people, who have Investment more than $1 million.  Among these millionaires, around 53% were those who have Investment in crypto assets. 

And one out of three millionaires has one-third of Investment in the flagship assets like Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc. And this fact of the research, clearly showed how much the millennial generation is aware of crypto. 

When this research’s record compared to old crypto investors, then there were only 4% of baby boomers holding any crypto assets. Gen X is also quite hesitant about crypto, with more than 75% not holding any crypto assets. 

48% of the respondents said that they will add more crypto assets to their portfolios. There were around 6% of those people, who said that they will reduce their crypto holdings by next year. The whole results of the survey hinted that next year may be going toward a stronger level with the high possibility of the surge.

Most of the crypto investors made money through crypto or added their wealth to the crypto. And the majority of them admitted that it is cool to have volatility in the price of crypto assets. 

This report also pointed out that the younger generation is much inclined toward crypto and they are loving new tech innovations based assets. And the opposite of this, old crypto Investors are still baby boomers and have huge hesitation to consider the investment in digital assets. 

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