More than 50% of American republicans believe crypto is the future of finance


A survey revealed that 56% of American Democrats support cryptocurrencies as the future of the financial system.

Crypto adoption is growing rapidly despite a downfall in the price of crypto assets, thanks to the opportunities & use cases in this digital sector. Besides the profit opportunities in crypto investment, tech experts believe in the back-end blockchain technology over the traditional technology on which the current traditional financial system is dependent.

On 1 November, A popular virtual assets manager firm Grayscale released its report on behalf of its recent survey conducted on American Democrats & Republicans. 

The report noted that 52% of Americans including 59% of Democrats and 51% of Republicans believe that  “cryptocurrencies are the future of finance”. 

This latest survey conducted by Grayscale aimed to collect information to figure out whether the American population wants to see crypto-supportive leaders or non-crypto-supportive relatives. 

Grayscale conducted this Survey from October 6-11, 2022, In the conducted survey 44% of respondents admitted that they are ready to welcome cryptocurrencies in their investment portfolio. 

Michael Sonnenshein, the chief executive officer of Grayscale, said that survey findings are showing that investors are eager to go with the cryptocurrency sector.

“As we approach the midterm election, U.S. voters are considering the intersection of cryptocurrency, traditional finance, and the state of the economy. This survey reinforces that crypto continues to generate diverse, mainstream investor interest and engagement,” Grayscale CEO said.

Further Grayscale CEO said that the growing interest of the American population in the crypto sector is also a signal for the lawmakers of the country to introduce better laws to protect the investors & also keep the bad actors away from this space. 

Few experts believe that the increasing inclination toward the crypto sector of the population of the United States is a part of the increasing inflation in the economy of this country. 

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