Multi-billion dollar OneCoin scam head “CryptoQueen” was killed in 2018: Report

Reportedly Ruja Ignatova was murdered in 2018 by her associate on behalf of a drug lord aboard his yacht. 

OneCoin was a popular ponzi & centralised crypto token in the history of the crypto world. This coin was launched in late 2014 & the main business of this coin was to sell educational Crypto trading content but allegedly the company was selling those crypto trading tips & materials which were already available on internet websites including Wikipedia. There was also a return of investment system, where the company was giving returns to the early Investors by taking money from the new Investors. In short, it was a money rotation scheme. Ruja Ignatova, popularly known as CryptoQueen, disappeared in 2017 near the time a secret US warrant was filed for her arrest and her brother.

For all such illegal activities, CryptoQueen secured a place in the top 10 wanted list of FBI in early 2022. 

Recently Bird reporters Dimitar Stoyanov and Atanas Tchobanov claimed that Ruja was killed by her associate on the orders of a drug lord aboard his yacht. This information was quoted in a police investigation statement on behalf of an unnamed source. 

Here this report failed to find whether her associate was involved in the OneCoin scam or not or whether there was something different matter. 

According to past media reports, Ruja disappeared with approximately $5 billion in funds, which were invested by people in the OneCoin scheme. 

Earlier this week, Ignatova’s ex-boyfriend was sentenced to jail for 5 years over his involvement in the ponzi & money rotation scheme with the OneCoin crypto project. 

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