New AI chatbot launches on Cardano (ADA) blockchain (Beta)


The beta version of chatbot Girolamo deployed on the Ethereum competitor blockchain network Cardano.

Cardano is a popular scalable blockchain network and ADA is the native token of this network. Input Output Hong Kong Global (IOG) is the backend developer firm behind this crypto network. Over the past several years, Cardano proved that Cardano can easily process huge numbers of transactions with full stability. 

Recently Cardano GPT, a blockchain network focussed AI developer team , announced that they successfully launched chatbot (Girolamo) in the Beta phase of the Cardano blockchain network.

Alongside the use of this AI Chatbot for questions & answers, we can use it to generate & interpret images and generate unique content.

To join this Cardano chatbot, people need to hold a minimum of 5000 CGI and CGI is available to purchase at Cardano’s decentralised crypto exchange wingRiders.

Notably, the Cardano GPT team tried its best to integrate the Crypto token, and blockchain technology in the AI tech. Following these development activities, CGI token grabbed huge popularity among the AI tokens hype.

In the present time crypto market is in a bull phase and people are expecting that mid of the incoming bull run will be in the middle of March of next year. 

To make a huge profit, the majority of crypto traders are looking for AI tech-inclined cryptocurrencies. Some people believe that AI-focused cryptocurrencies will pump to a minimum of 10 fold & upto 100 fold but it will be better to select the best crypto token.

Ada price action

The current trade price of Ada coin is $0.375 & this trade price is 28% higher over the last 30 days of trade price. 

New AI chatbot launches on Cardano (ADA) blockchain (Beta) 1

The last all-time high of the ADA coin is $3.1, so here we can expect 9× fold for this token but here people should not consider this as financial advice, instead research himself to find best crypto token for investment.

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