Now Brave browser supports Solana DApps


The latest version of the crypto-centred web browser Brave supports Solana Web3 DApps.

Brave is a free and also open-source web browser, which was developed by Brave Software, Inc. Brave focuses on providing full privacy to internet users. Initially, in 2017, Brave Software Inc planned to enter the crypto industry via a concept to monetize the web browser via crypto ads with the native token of the browser. 

On 12 July, Brave published a blog and confirmed that the latest release of the Crypto version of its web browser will support all the Web3 DApps of the Solana blockchain ecosystem. 

With this latest released development work, Brave wallet support for the Solana blockchain is enhanced. While Brave wallet was already able to provide the ability to send, receive, store, and purchase tokens.

Because of the low and efficient fees of the Solana network, Brave crypto browser users can easily enjoy the growing ecosystem of the Solana blockchain.

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Brendan Eich, CEO and co-founder of Brave, stated that the integration of Solana DApps support, which was initially announced in late 2021, is an effort to make web browsers better for users.

The Brave co-founder also said that new features are only limited to desktop users but the team is working to bring them to mobile users also. 

“we’re expanding this access via our Solana integration and DApp support for our desktop browsers, with mobile coming soon.”

The blog post also confirmed that it was a step to bring Solana into Brave wallet support but on another side, Brave developers will work to make Brave wallet support in Solana DApps. So here we can consider that it was a collaborative approach from both the companies to make the technology easily accessible for both the users of both ecosystems.

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