OpenSea growth hints, there is more in crypto NFTs world


OpenSea facilitated more than 600 fold worth of transactions over 2020.

A few years ago, crypto NFTs was introduced in this industry and that attracted the non-crypto industry in crypto. In the very starting, no one expected that the NFTs concept that took birth in this industry would boost the Crypto industry to the next level. However, the majority of the experts in the crypto industry believe that the NFTs trend is over and people should not give attention to such NFTs based projects. But data and records are showing something different, what experts are suggesting. 

On the second day of this year, we saw huge influential crypto NFTs based projects from Bored Apes to CryptoPunks. Collectively all these grabbed sales of around $243 million worth. So the company made around $170 million on 1 January and $124 million on December 2022. These data are looking something strange but it is the reality that way we are seeing. 

More than 646 fold surge in the sale: OpenSea 

In 2021, Nfts marketplace OpenSea started with very nominal growth and at the end of the year, it grabbed more than 646 times growth in its sale of Nfts items. 

Token Nominal data revealed that OpenSea facilitated $21.7 million worth of NFTs in 2020 but the same turnover surged by 646 times, this is not growth but it is called revolution. 

OpenSea growth hints, there is more in crypto NFTs world 1

The second top NFTs Marketplace is Rarible, this platform facilitated around $260 million worth of transactions in 2021, which is a very small amount in comparison to OpenSea. 

NFTs moving toward a new trend 

No doubt the NFTs concept is now very traditional. And probably new artists or unique NFTs collectibles only can grab attention in this industry. But still, the use cases of NFTs are surging rapidly through other use cases.

On one hand, the gaming industry is adopting blockchain-based gaming concepts, on the other hand, people are looking at NFTs as the best way to verify the ownership of properties like land or homes. 

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