Oxford City Football Club will accept Bitcoin


Oxford City Football Club (OCFC) seeks to become the first ever football club to accept merchant payments.

The UK is a tech adaptive region in the world and the population of the UK showed a significant inclination toward crypto & blockchain technology. However, the financial regulatory body of the UK, FCA, imposed highly strict regulatory policies for the crypto industry but still, the UK islooking to adopt ways to adopt stablecoins-based payment options.

Recently Oxford City Football Club announced it will accept payments in Bitcoin. The club will accept all types of merchant payments in Bitcoin as an option alongside the traditional payment methods. It will even accept BTC for tickets, food, and drink from fans. The club will only accept Bitcoin payments via the lighting-enabled wallet payments. 

Currently, Club is playing in the sixth tier of English football and the next season kicks off on 6 August. The whole decision has been taken under the multi-year partnership with the bitcoin company CoinCorner. Under the sponsor partnership, Club players will wear Bitcoin & CoinCorner logo printed T-shirts. 

Danny Scott, chief executive officer of CoinCorner, said that Oxford City FC (OCFC) will become the first ever club, which will accept payment in Bitcoin in the National League.

Danny further said:

“We believe this move will set a trend across Non-league and Football League divisions as digital currency establishes itself as the new normal for sports fans and event-goers across the U.K.”

⅓ Brits interested in crypto

In 2021, The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) released a report and claimed that 2.3 million Brits own BTC. Later, a US-based Nasdaq-listed crypto exchange Coinbase survey revealed that one out of three Brits is interested in cryptocurrencies. These things are clearly showing that the roots of Bitcoin adoption in the UK are continuously increasing.

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