Partnership Between Crypto.Com & Formula One

A popular exchange announced their significant partnership with Formula One ahead of British Grand Prix 2021.

A famous Cryptocurrency exchange announced their partnership with a formula one sports game. 

According to reports, this partnership is not only inaugural but also a global partnership, so they are not limited to their partnership in a particular area. 

According to the report of cryptopotato, will be part of the inauguration of the Spring series of formula one. 

This partnership will lead to a huge popularity for exchange because formula one franchises will post banners & logos on the track in every Race.

According to this partnership is only for the awareness about services at international level.

Formula One also claimed that they will try to engage their audience with the related services and also they will try to explain to their fans regarding Cryptocurrency acceptance.

The Belgian Grand Prix will organise grand prize distribution which is fully supported by crypto exchange.

Stefano Domenicali, CEO of Formula 1, welcomed with excitement as a family. 

And also they said that they will try to get connected with other brands and also with their family so that they can do something much better globally.

“We will rely heavily on’s expertise as we explore the world of cryptocurrency, an area we are very interested in, and this will be the first time as a sport we are able to offer fans the opportunity to explore this exciting world as we further increase our digital presence.” – commented F1’s Director of Commercial Partnerships – Ben Pincus.

Well here we can see that Formula One is leading Cryptocurrency & NFTs platforms related to sports games. Probably this will not only be an opportunity for NFTs platform to show their potential but also there will be an opportunity for the Cryptocurrency community to show their potential that what they are adopting which is the future of the financial system.

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