Password recovery firm invites former Ripple CTO to unblock his 7,000+ BTC container hard drive 


Unciphered offered Stefan Thomas to use their service to unlock his hard drive which contains more than 7,000 Bitcoin.

Stefan Thomas is Ripple’s former Chief technology officer (CTO). He has an IronKey hard drive which contains 7,001 BTC worth nearly $244 million at the current trade price which is $34k per BTC. Thomas forgot the access password & he already used 8 out of 10 attempts to unlock the drive. If he fails to unlock it with two more attempts then the drive will erase its data. This is a very old story & the whole crypto industry knows about it already but again this story came to light as a password recovery firm claimed that it can help former Ripple CTO to unlock his drive.

On 25 Oct 2023, Unciphered invited the former Ripple CTO Stefen Thomas officially and asked to contact the firm if he wanted to unlock that hard drive.

The password recovery firm stated that they have a special method to bypass Ironkey hard drives 10 times and will try 200 million new password combinations to unlock the drive.

The firm claimed that they already used this method to recover Crypto assets for many people and they are also open to helping him. 

Notably the former Ripple CTO has been inactive on X (formerly Twitter) since July of this year & it will be interesting to see whether he will respond or not.

In an interview with the popular crypto news website Cointelegraph, Unciphered CEO Eric Michaud explained the basic procedure that they use to bypass attempts & unlock hard drives.

Michaud confirmed that the company unlocked huge numbers of such hard drives successfully & not only helped people recover their crypto assets but also created a sustainable business. 

He also said that his company is ready for this innovative job for the former Ripple CTO to unlock his hard drive but if he is willing to use their service then they will still remain optimistic as they already have a business that is growing.

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