PAWS Chicago accepts DogeCoin Donation for Dogs animals

An Organization of Chicago is running a campaign to accept donations for homeless animals in DogeCoin. 

DogeCoin achieved huge popularity after the Elon Musk support for Doge as a Doge-father. And after the Elon Musk support, almost all the companies & celebrities, which were not aware about crypto assets, got into DogeCoin Investment & support. Recently BurgerKing’s started to accept DogeCoin to give Dog food at very cheap cost. Now PAWS is accepting DogeCoin to contribute to humanity toward homeless animals.

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PAWS Chicago is a Chicago based charity organization. This charity group accepts donations to help the animals by providing the foods & medical help. 

Now PAWS started a campaign called “Dogenation“. In this campaign every animal lover can donate Money in DogeCoin. People can also send the donation through the QR barcode. 

The posters of this campaign are posted  on the walls across the streets of the Windy City, where QR code is embedded. 

The PAWS Chicago Chief Executive Officer, Susanna Homan, stated 

“We are a solutions-based, forward-thinking organization, which is why we are eager to connect with the growing cryptocurrency community, who can help sustain the future of animal welfare in Chicago and save animals’ lives”

PAWS Chicago charity was founded around 25 years ago. This charity has only one aim, that is, not to kill the homeless animals. This charity provided around 300,000 free and low-cost spay/neuter surgeries in under-resourced communities. And they reduced around 91% of the animal killing in Chicago, which is really a big achievement for this organisation. 

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