Paxful now enable speedy Bitcoin transactions with Lightning integration

Paxful introduced Bitcoin Lightning support in the Bitcoin payments. Now all the Paxful users will be able to use bitcoin P2P transactions with the light of speed. 

Paxful is a blockchain platform which allows 7 million users globally to send and receive payments globally in P2P method. Now Paxful added the Bitcoin lightning concept to enhance the user experience. 

On 14 September, Paxful announced that they added Bitcoin lightning network feature in the bitcoin wallet transactions and now all their 7 million users are allowed to transfer the bitcoin payments with very cheap cost fees and high speed. 

Ray Youssef, CEO, and co-founder of Paxful, said that Bitcoin is the best element in our hands for financial adoption and also if we want to see Bitcoin as a successful option globally in the adoption then we have to overcome the scalable limitations. 

Further Ray added that, we can buy a coffee with the Bitcoin payments now and it is possible with the Bitcoin lightning network. The Bitcoin lightning network is the best option which is needed by businesses and consumers and also many banks are “looking for a way to connect the world together and we fully anticipate Lightning to deliver.”

Paxful team announced the introduction of Bitcoin lightning network  in the Paxful wallet  through the twitter 

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