People of Venezuela bullish on Bitcoin, Trading Volume hit ATH


LocalBitcoins weekly Trading Volume hit ATH in Venezuela recorded from the data on 2019-02-09.

After the regulation of cryptocurrency in Venezuela, trading volume increased to achieve its all-time high of 2485 BTC in volume on LocalBitcoins peer to peer trading exchange.

Venezuela localbitcoins weekly trading volume chart from

People of Venezuela bullish on Bitcoin due to national currency inflation and country suffering from economic problems. Bitcoin value is increasing continuously in the long term which makes it store of value, So people of Venezuela find Bitcoin a great alternative to store their funds in Bitcoin.

Also, Bitcoin is developing continuously by its great non-profit developing team as Bitcoin is open source. Bitcoin is the most secure digital money which uses Blockchain Technology. Bitcoin adoption is increasing continuously from day to day.

Bitcoin becoming popular more and more as time passes due to its usability, scalability, security and gaining value due to high demand and limited supply.

Bitcoin is the Store of Value

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