People searches “Buy Bitcoin” three times over “Buy Gold”

According to current search analysis reports, search keywords for bitcoin is more than Ethereum, gold like precious assets.

As we know, the Covid-19 pandemic situation arises in 2019 and it still has its feets in the world. But in the middle of 2020, the situation for the whole world was measurable. Almost everyone was in tension about how a person could grab a small income by sitting at home. But now, as the situation is getting better day by day, people are looking to invest in precious assets. For this, people are searching in Google.

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According to the report of Finbold, People are searching about Bitcoin more than other Investment assets. People are searching Buy Bitcoin, Buy Gold, Buy Ethereum etc. 

“Buy Bitcoin” search frequency is around 3 times more than “Buy Gold” and 6 times more than “Buy Ethereum”. 

This fact clearly shows how much people are eager toward Bitcoin instead of Ethereum or gold like assets. 

Total search for “Buy Bitcoin” Keyword is 241,000 from all over the world’s countries. But here in all the countries, the United States & United Kingdom are leading. 

People searches "Buy Bitcoin" three times over "Buy Gold" 1

Searches for bitcoin by the Americans is around 116,000 times per month, which is 48% of the global volume searches. 

Data analysis also says that Americans still have huge trust with the fundamental precious asset Gold and the search for Buy Gold is around 38,000 times per month, which is 68% of the global search volume. 

Here this report is not financial advice but here we can see the future plans of the developed countries’ citizens. And we can follow according to the situation and can choose the best assets accordingly.

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