Peter Brandt says bitcoin will not hit New Time high in the next two years


Veteran crypto trader predicted that Bitcoin will face huge ups and downs in near future and probably it will not give any new all-time high till 2024. 

Peter Brandt is a popular personality in the crypto industry as a veteran crypto trader. He said that his point of view is not finding any new all-time highs till 2024. 

Brandt said:

“IMO we (Bitcoin) will not make a new ATH until early 2024 but by then we will be in a giant uptrend,” read Brandt’s tweet. The analysts’ latest statements could give adherents an idea of when the present crypto winter cycle could end. It is worth noting that previous crypto winters have spanned an average of 4 years.”

Earlier this, Brandt said that the crypto market was very near to entering the crypto winter season and finally he proved that his analysis was right. 

In the past, Brandt proved many times that he made predictions successfully about the price of Bitcoin. 

Crypto winter & NFTs

In the past, every crypto winter occurred with the failure of a particular trend, for example, the 2017 crypto winter initiated with the end of the ICOs era. 

At present every NFTs project has had success and there is no reason behind the failure of NFTs projects but experts claim that the NFTs trend will be the main reason behind the next upcoming bearish trend. 

If we closely analyze then we will find that there is no NFTs-related discussion going on, which may or may not be the part of the downfall of crypto assets prices. 

At the time of writing this article, the price of Bitcoin is $19,422 and this price is 32% down over the last 7 days, which is really a significant downfall in its price. 

Peter Brandt says bitcoin will not hit New Time high in the next two years 1

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