Peter Schiff says “accusation of secretly owning Bitcoin” is a wrong claim


Popular Bitcoin hater said that Bitcoin enthusiasts accuse him of secretly owning Bitcoin because they can’t accept someone disagreeing with them.

Peter Schiff is a popular Bitcoin hater and a big supporter of Gold & Gold ETF investors. He remains active on X (formerly Twitter) to address issues associated with Bitcoin (BTC). Noticeably he always tries to mention the “Bitcoin” word in his tweets, to gain attention from the Bitcoin & Crypto community.

 On 12 May 2024, Peter Schiff explained that he finds it amusing when Bitcoin enthusiasts accuse him of secretly owning Bitcoin but not admitting it publicly. 

Peter added that Bitcoin proponents are so obsessed with Bitcoin & this is the reason why they can’t accept someone disagreeing with them. 

Furthermore, Peter indirectly said that he doesn’t believe in Bitcoin’s value and thinks it’s like the story of the Emperor’s New Clothes, where people pretend to see something that isn’t there.

Some Bitcoin enthusiasts indirectly & humorously criticised Bitcoin hater Peter and said that he owns Bitcoin, especially when the IRS asks. 

Another Crypto X user appreciated Peter, despite his identity as a Bitcoin hater. He said that Peter contributed hugely to promoting Bitcoin because every time he talked about Bitcoin with the wrong facts. 

Bitcoin price action 

The current trade price of Bitcoin (BTC) is $61,006 & this trade price level seems strong with a high buy support wall.

Some crypto analysts said that there are huge chances that Bitcoin will soon show a big pump in the trade price after the next couple of days.

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