Pi coin surges 2500%, Pi Team warns over the potential trade risk


Pi coin listing on Crypto exchanges pumped this coin by more than 80 times from its initial launch price.

The pi coin is a most popular Crypto project, which was initially founded approximately 4 years ago. So far to this date, the mainnet has not been launched by the project team. The majority of the Pi coin project supporters are noobs of the Crypto sector, who blindly support this project. 

In the last 2-3 days, 5 Crypto exchanges listed PI coin on their exchange. These exchanges are Huobi, SuperEx, XT, Hotpoint, and Biconomy. 

Pi coin surges 2500%, Pi Team warns over the potential trade risk 1

In the last 24 hours, the all-time low & highs of PI Coin was $3.96 & $330 respectively. This means, in the last 24 hours of the time frame, pi coin surged by 84.61 times. So, net all-time increment in Pi Coin is 2380%

This is a very big increment for this coin, which is still not available on any blockchain network. The Pi network team also talked about this thing and warned people & suggested to remain away from this coin.

The Pi team confirmed that the listing of Pi coins on any exchange was not affiliated with the Pi team and also there was no association between the exchange & Pi project. And also confirmed that after the Pi mainnet launch there will be possibilities that users will not be able to transfer their Pi coin on these listed exchanges.

These types of Crypto incidents are showing that we shouldn’t believe any Crypto project blindly and also we shouldn’t judge any Crypto project. Experts believe that there are some big money holders behind this fake coin and they are manipulating the price of this coin to attract innocent Crypto investors.

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