Pi network plans to launch mainnet, people say possibly a scam

Pi network announced to launch Pi network’ mainnet before the beginning of 2022. 

The whole crypto industry is based on the trend. Here only those people can make a profit, who have faith in their strategy to understand the trend and patience. But here nothing is sure about a project, whether that can be described as a scam or a genuine platform before launching.

Pi network is a crypto project, which comes into origin in 2019. This crypto project started to grab huge attention in the crypto in the late first quarter of 2019. 

Since the beginning, the team behind the Pi network said that they aimed to get a total of 25 million users in the world, then they will launch Pi coin. There is a separate application available by the pi network on the play store, that allows to mine pi coins. 

According to data available on the website, the pi network successfully grabbed a total of 25 million users in the whole world. 

Pi network plans to launch mainnet, people say possibly a scam 1

On 17 December, Pi network officially wrote that they will launch the mainnet of the pi network soon. 

Tweet by the official account of the pi network also hinted that the project team is working on this project to make the pi network launch in reality. 

Is pi coin possibly a scam? 

Pi network is the first of its kind of crypto project, which originated in 2019 but was never launched. However there are no scam projects available or any scam-like incidents are not available, but still, there are numbers of people who keep saying that Pi is equal to scam. 

Pi network has space in the coin tracking website Coinmarketcap. But the majority of the reviews about this project in Google are hinting that the Pi network is only grabbing attention in the crypto industry and nothing. 

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