Polygon trying to stand in the crypto industry as a Web3 leader, Here is how?


Polygon network introduced its Polygon ID platform to make Web3 and Metaverse perfectly accessible for people.

The current trend in the crypto industry is the Web3 concept. Interestingly no new projects are showing interest to launch their crypto project as a leading actor to become leader in Crypto & Web3 but some old crypto projects showed better steps and Web3 related activities, out of which the Polygon team is standing uniquely. 

Recently Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson passed comment on Web3 potential during his visit to Binance Blockchain Week Dubai and indirectly noted that there is no industry player or leader, which can guide the interested developer to work in favour of Web3 based Innovative projects.

That statement by Charles makes sense because developers can’t waste time and efforts on unknown or non-demanding things. But here is the latest introduction of the “Polygon ID platform” by the Polygon network showing that the Polygon team wants to stand in the crypto industry as a leader. 

On 29 March, Polygon announced its “Polygon ID”  and confirmed that it will provide a self-sovereign identity solution, which is powered by zk cryptography.

In an interview discussion about this platform of Polygon with Cointelegraph, Rafal Nazarkiewicz, the product manager at Polygon Hermez and Polygon ID, shared some important details and confirmed that it will help to make the people able to hold ownership of their data in Web3 and also in another Decentralized platform like Metaverse. 

Rafal said:

“identity is fundamental for many use-cases within digital inclusion, and for the right to be recognized,” and that “in Web3, it’s supposed to be private by default and decentralized.”

Polygon ID will not only support web3 and Metaverse like Decentralized projects but also it will support traditional contract systems so that companies will be able to use this technology at a better level to integrate Decentralized and Centralized platform-related services.

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