Popular crypto influencer David Gokhshtein talked about the problem of Cardano (ADA)


The founder of Gokhshtein Media talked about the problem associated with the Cardano project, which is not getting that level of attraction in the crypto industry.

David Gokhshtein is founder of “Gokhshtein Media”. Gokhshtein is popularly known as a crypto influencer in the crypto industry.

On 14 August, Gokhshtein tweeted that he is also holding Cardano (ADA) but at the same time he confirmed that it is not too easy to understand the ecosystem of the Cardano blockchain and it is the biggest problem for the new people who are looking to build in Cardano ecosystem.

The actual problem with the Cardano blockchain 

It is a reality that the Cardano blockchain is much better than any blockchain network in the crypto industry, in terms of efficiency & modern technology. But sad reality also exists here, which is less use of its ecosystem.

The project team of Cardano never spent funds to promote the project and also never worked to collab with other crypto projects. In short, the Project team doesn’t work to make the Cardano project popular and also doesn’t work much to attract developers. 

So even though the Cardano blockchain ecosystem is much better, still the majority of the crypto projects & developers don’t show inclination toward this project. 

Once Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson talked about this issue and he said that the team doesn’t work on trend & promotion but instead works to make the Cardano Blockchain a leading choice for payment transactions at every scale.

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