Professional martial arts fighter says Bitcoin gives me lots of financial security

Kevin Lee said that Bitcoin was a big factor for him to sign with the Eagle Fighting Championship promotion company.

Kevin Lee is a popular martial arts fighter and also he is a Bitcoin holder. According to reports, Kevin is holding Bitcoin before the bull run of 2017. But later he used his holdings in knee surgery and now he is enjoying his life with holding profits. 

MMA news outlet BJ Penn published a report on Kevin Lee’s sign with Russia-based Eagle Fighting Championship company. According to the report, Bitcoin was a much better factor for Kevin to sign with the company for the next four contracts.

“To be paid in Bitcoin and not give me any pushback on it whatsoever, was huge in the decision… it gives me a lot more financial security and will help me fight better, too,” Lee said

Fight Championship promotion company will pay how much, still not disclosed. But in an earlier UFC fight, Kevin earned around $280,000. 

On 17 December, in an interview, Kevin said that he will get more than what he got paid earlier. So it is expected that Kevin will grab around 5.86 Bitcoins through the latest contract, with a total of four fight matches. 

Kevin is also popularly known as  The Motown Phenom. Recently he got suspended because he was found positive in an Adderall test and also he was fined for the same. But suspension from the fight was only for 6 months. 

These types of interest by professional fighters show that the future will go with Bitcoin only. In the future people will like to store their funds in the form of Bitcoin instead of gold or gold bonds and silvers. 

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