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Hey guys! Happy to connect today and learn more about the RaffleNinja project! Can you tell us more about the founding of the project?

Hi mate, My pleasure.

I’ve been a part of the Crypto community since early 2017. I had been searching for an online business to start but lacked an idea that I was passionate about. Then one day I overheard August, a good family friend, on the phone to my older brother talking about how he was struggling to find his niche for his online competition site he had started.

So I gave him a call and said let’s do it for the crypto community powered by bitcoin, as this service didn’t exist yet. Needless to say, RaffleNinja was born. You can read a little more about Our Story here.


Could you please give us a rundown of the most important thing about the project?

The most important things to us are bringing fun & fair competitions to a community that I love, whilst doing our bit for crypto adoption, no matter how small or big, to help make BTC the future.

So going forth into 2020 and beyond, how will your project make an impact in the crypto space?

Firstly, by bringing fun & fair competitions, that is our main goal here.

Looking to the future, we will be investing every single Satoshi back into the business to bring bigger and better prizes. Hopefully one day we intend to give the community a chance to finally get that Lambo with bitcoin, but for less than the price of a pint!

We want to create a community around crypto competitions & content, we have a dedicated content section with crypto quizzes, jokes, and articles. Our affiliate network has just got underway, people are given a chance to earn passive BTC, and for influencers bring exclusive discounts in competitions to their followers.

Now, give us a quick rundown of the future of the project. For example, what new things are you seeking to bring to life and what will it mean for the overall project?

As I mentioned the plan is to grow.

We have other ideas in the pipeline, such as to become the first bitcoin marketplace on a raffle basis, we have already had an approach from a third party with the interest of running this operation with a variety of collectibles. So this is something that could be quite exciting, for the sellers too.

Once we scale a little we would also like to create a bitcoin lottery, which is exactly that, a pool of tickets with the prize being the combined value of all the purchases. Exciting times lie ahead.

Tell us about your team. Who’re the people behind the screens?

The main team is just me (Barry) and August, August is our developer who handles all the backend stuff. This is not a massive corporation, just an honest project set up for the community, by the community.

Which partnerships have you engaged so far, and which ones are the most impactful?

We have a partnership with the ledger to be able to efficiently deliver the wallets to winners. Another topic really important to us is mental wellbeing, we have partnered with the meditation app Headspace to bring a year’s subscription as a prize, I think a lot of people might be suffering from everything going on at the moment.

If people would like to follow you on your social media pages, visit your website, what are the links they need to visit? Please list them below.

Facebook (Facebook page) is our main point of contact on social media but we also have Instagram and Twitter.

You can find our website here (, we also encourage people to go through our FAQ’s and T&C’s, we appreciate that there are a lot of scams in the crypto-world, and we are trying to avoid being associated with these criminal activities.

Thank you so much for your time!

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