Prominent Bitcoin analyst says Bitcoin may soon hit $69,000


A Bitcoin trader who predicted Bitcoin price accurately in the last Bitcoin bull run, once again shared his analysis and confirmed that Bitcoin will soon hit its last all-time high easily.

Bitcoin, the top crypto asset by market cap, is currently under huge attention among crypto & stock Investors, as the trade price of Bitcoin is pumping rapidly every week. The current trade price of Bitcoin is $37,117 & this trade price is 7% higher over the last 7 days of trade price.

Prominent Bitcoin analyst says Bitcoin may soon hit $69,000 1

In the last Bitcoin bull phase, Bitcoin hit $69,000 and after that crashed badly. 

In the last Bitcoin bull phase, a prominent cryptocurrency trader “Dave the Wave” (on X social media platform), already predicted a $69k high for Bitcoin. 

Just a few days back, this prominent Bitcoin price predictor again shared his prediction. According to “Dave the Wave”, the trade price of Bitcoin will hit its last all-time high again is not unthinkable. 

In short, the Bitcoin trader claimed that Bitcoin would easily hit a $69k trade price. 

This veteran Bitcoin trader used the Logarithmic Growth Curve (LGC) indicator, used  to find out the behavior of the natural trade price pattern of any financial asset for the long term. 

However Bitcoin is ready to hit $1 million by the next year, as per the expectation of the Bitcoin proponents, but here we would like to suggest people not consider this prediction as financial advice, instead do research yourself before going with investing in any type of financial asset. 

Arthur Hayes, the Co-founder of BitMex crypto exchange and CIO of the Maelstrom family office, shared his opinion on the current sentiments of this innovative sector and said that Bitcoin is very near to hitting $40k as the next stable zone. 

At present, the majority of the big players are mainly targeting the top two crypto assets: Bitcoin & Ethereum. While retail traders are targeting Bitcoin Cash, Cardano, Solana, & Polkadot crypto projects.

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