Proton CEO explains how Bitcoin is making people independent from a Centralized system


The CEO of the Proton company explained how Bitcoin is making people away from the control of Big tech companies and kicking out the possible risk of manipulation. 

Proton is a tech company, which is popularly known for its service of encrypted mail systems. Andy Yen, CEO of Proton, is dedicated to bringing privacy-focused services so that the world can adopt the technology with full confidence. 

Recently, Proton CEO appeared in an interview, where he appreciated the presence of Bitcoin as the best choice for the people to remain away from any kind of centralized financial system. 

Andy said that his company Proton has been a big fan of Bitcoin for a long time. And also hinted that their working system has many parallels footprints to the Bitcoin privacy system. 

Further, Andy said that people are under the control of Big financial companies. And against these things, we want to make the people out of control by pushing the adoption of the crypto industry, and also we are also accepting payments in cryptocurrencies. 

“We also support crypto, and we support it as a payment method. I, personally, would like to see more adoption of cryptocurrencies because I think that’s something that leads us to a world where things are less centralized”

Andy also pointed out that big tech companies may result in a big problem for people. Big companies like Google, Facebook may try to manipulate the world with their sensitive data. So they are trying to remain away from such kinds of big companies and also keeping people away from such things with the privacy-focused business.

“From the perspective of Proton, our business model doesn’t allow us to be acquired by Google and become part of big tech”

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