“Rich Dad Poor Dad” author says “BIGGER crash coming”


Popular financial expert Robert Kiyosaki hinted that we are in a phase where we can consider investing money & become rich.

Robert Kiyosaki is a popular author in the world because of his recreation of a financial advisor book “Rich Dad Poor Dad”. This is only his book, for which he is popular in the whole world. Kiyosaki is a popular supporter of Gold, Silver, Bitcoin & real-estate sector investment because he believes that such things are better hedges against inflation, and investment at the perfect time in these things can easily make a person rich. 

On 29 August, Kiyosaki took to Twitter to inform his followers that he published a book in 2013, where he predicted a future global financial downturn/crash. 

Kiyosaki noted that the prediction made by him, in that book, is now near and that the crash will be much similar to 2008. 

The financial author said that a huge amount of money will be wiped out from the market but don’t be a part of that Wipeout, instead find out a perfect time to invest.

The majority of the response tweets are showing that Robert Kiyosaki’s followers are looking at only two things as an opportunity in the present situation, one is Real-estate & second one is Bitcoin.

Bitcoin Price

At the time of writing this article, the price of Bitcoin is $20,496 and this price is 13.63% down over the 30 days trade price value.

"Rich Dad Poor Dad" author says "BIGGER crash coming" 1

Yesterday, the Greed & Fear index was 24 (highly extreme fear in the Bitcoin market) but now the situation is changing rapidly. Today Bitcoin is up by 3% over the last day’s trade price. 

In the last few days, the majority of the Bitcoin investors panicked because of Mt.Gox’s plan to release 125k Bitcoins as compensation to its former users. 

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