Ripple CTO Optimized Bitcoin Code in 2011

The chief technical officer of Ripple blockchain network Optimized Bitcoin Code in 2011 as the best supporter of the Bitcoin blockchain network. 

There are many stories about real bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakamoto but the majority of them are only based on assumptions and consideration. But here the latest thing is coming about a close work experience of a Developer of Ripple company. 

Tiffany Hayden is a popular proponent of XRP ( Ripple). In 2017, Hyden discovered that David Schwartz worked in the Bitcoin project much closely as a Bitcoin code Developer. 

David Schwartz is the original architect of the Ripple (XRP) Blockchain network. 

When this matter was discussed with David and asked whether he contributed to the Bitcoin project before release or after the release. Then David confirmed that it is true but he worked as a developer to optimize the codes of Bitcoin mining pools in 2011. And he was in the list of other Bitcoin blockchain supporter developers like Peter Todd, Matt Corallo, and Gavin Andresen.

Gravin Andersen is no longer working in the Bitcoin blockchain network. In the past, he was hired by the Bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakamoto as a chief developer on the creation of open-source Bitcoin code Protocol. After that, Gravin contributed his full-time work to the Bitcoin Foundation, in order to create a better reputation and perception of Bitcoin in public. 

At the end of 2011, David was eager to create another separate blockchain network like Bitcoin but with better efficiency and new concept, so that people can adopt the technology in real life more easily. 

In the present time, if we talk about the success of the Ripple blockchain network then it is at the top level in this crypto industry. It is only Ripple, which is supporting blockchain technology adoption to the other countries’ central banks and also trying to introduce new crypto-inclined services so that other companies can easily adopt the blockchain and crypto industry. Besides all these things, Ripple is giving its blockchain technology-based cross border efficient fund transactions. 

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